Sargent Pipe Storage

In 1975 Sargent Pipe Company’s main objective was to engineer a highly efficient, dependable turbine pump. Engineering and technical people were hired to begin development of the Sargent turbine pump. Sophisticated custom machines were designed and developed to produce the turbine pumps and related products.  By the spring of 1977, the completed Sargent pump was being manufactured and shipped from the Sargent Pipe plant at Broken Bow, NE.


Today Sargent Pipe Company continues to produce a number of reliable turbine pumps and have also expanded into many other areas of manufacturing.  We manufacture drilling rigs, pump hoists, drilling support equipment, and pump installation equipment. We have also expanded our services in pipe perforation ranging from 4” to 20”,  2dimensional and 3 dimensional design, custom CNC machine work, and custom fabrication work.

Sargent Irrigation Company was founded in 1937 and in 1975 they added a division called Sargent Pipe Company.  This division was created due to the insufficient supply of turbine pumps.  The company was founded by Larry Whitesel and Wayne “Pete” Kaps.  Today the company is owned by the Whitesel family and the current president is Mike Whitesel.