Inner Column Parts

Sargent Pipe is an industry leader when it comes to tube and shaft assemblies. With state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, we can offer any variety of tube and shaft to suit your needs.


All of our materials that we use for manufacturing are top quality and made in the USA. We stock all major brands of products.

Technical Information

We offer CNC threading on our oil tubes made from ASTM A53 grade B schedule 80 material. Made in the USA, in multiple sizes and thread configurations they come standard UV lacquer coated, but can be epoxy coated upon request.


Sargent Pipe offers both roll formed and single point machined threads in any size, length or thread configuration desired. All of our shaft material is made in the USA from 1045 cold rolled PSQ shaft, and straightened to an accuracy greater than .005”.


Our shaft couplings are made from 1026 cold drawn steel. Also offering roll formed threads in our couplers which, when coupled with our shaft eliminated virtually all chance for “galling” due to the far superior fit and finish of the roll formed threads.


We use only the highest quality domestic suppliers of bronze material for our bearings. We carry bearings for almost every pump company out there as well as our own. Made from both C844 and C932 alloys, lead free bearings are available upon request.


With streamlined machining processes, and working very closely with our suppliers, Sargent Pipe Company can offer very competitive pricing on tubes, shafts, bearings, or complete assemblies. Contact us today for a quote.


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