The 210hp pipe spinner was developed with the operator in mind. This tool is compact, rugged, and user friendly. It will break out a wide variety of screw column joints, which will reduce injuries caused by heavy tongs and chain wrenches.

This spinner is fully operated by hydraulics. It is completely controlled from the spinner itself. Sargent Pipe has also added a lifting valve, so the operator can raise or lower the spinner from the controls on the unit. The spinner has fully adjustable hydraulics, you can increase or decrease the clamping or spinning pressure easily from the controls on the unit.


These spinners come standard with coarse tooth helical pattern drive wheels. These drive wheels will grip through the thickest build up on the column. The spinner comes with a spring hanger to assure that there is no added weight to the pipe joint.


After using spinners for years we decided it was time to build a clamp to hold the lower pipe joint from turning. The clamp will also hold the pipe up. This has produced an ideal setup for the well industry. Sargent Pipe demands customer satisfaction—so we offer industry leading technical support with any of our products.

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